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Fall Woodland Wedding Invitations

I was asked last fall to design wedding invitations for an inspiration shoot hosted by Colin Gordon Photography. The theme of the shoot was “Fall Woodland Wedding,” and all of the vendors involved took that inspiration and ran with it. Everything was absolutely gorgeous, and the photos turned out beautifully.

The invitations I designed were inspired by trees, which are definitely my favorite part of Fall. The leaves definitely make it my season, so I really wanted to pull that into the design. I even went so far as to use trees in the addresses on the envelopes. This was an amazing experience for me because it was my first set of invitations that weren’t for a specific couple, so I had creative control over all of the decisions, like choosing the enclosures and envelopes.

Thanks to Colin from Colin Gordon Photography for inviting me to design for this shoot, and to all of the other vendors who participated. It was a joy to work with all of you!


Photos: Colin Gordon Photography

Table/Set Design: B Sweet Designs

Flowers: Flourish

Hair and Makeup: Capello (III) Salons

Jewelry: Ben Garelick Jewelers

Dress: Made by Anatomy

Tables/Chairs: COOCOOU27

Cake: Melanie’s Eats-N-Sweets

Aerial Photography: Stephen Neil

Models: Jeremy Wowkowych and Alyssa Jones

Rustic Summer Wedding Invitations

These rustic summer wedding invitations were designed especially for one of the loveliest people I have ever met. Caitie is one of my best friends, and I was honored when she let me design her wedding invitations. She and her now-husband are fantastic people, and I wanted to make sure that the announcements for their wedding were just as fantastic. The two of them are very laid-back, and their wedding was no different.


Annetarsia Knits

This is a new book written by Anne Berk, a master knitter and teacher. She has developed a new knitting technique that makes intarsia, a technique that is often considered very fussy and difficult, into something that is fun, fast, and easy. I was hired for this project in the late summer of 2012. Since then, the amazing team involved with creating this book has been working away, making sure that this was the best book it could be! This was the best learning experience for me, and has really motivated to make my designs that much better. Thank you Anne, for giving me this opportunity! For more information on Anne Berk and her book, Annetarsia Knits, visit her website. Also be sure to check out the guest blog post I wrote for Anne about my design process for Annetarsia Knits!

All pages, with the exception of the two covers and the last sample (the index) are displayed as two-page spreads. Copyright Anne Berk.

Calvin’s Bar Mitzvah Album

This was my favorite Bar Mitzvah album. I have never even attended a Bar Mitzvah before, but this album was a lot of fun for me to design, even though I have very little experience with this kind of event. The combination of coming of age in their faith community, and then truly embracing the excitement of childhood was really a joy to experience through this young man’s images. It looked like everyone at the event had a blast, especially with the creative science theme.


All pages are displayed as two-page spreads. Photos courtesy of Kracke Photography.

Sarah and Drew’s Wedding Album

This is one of my favorite wedding albums that I have worked on. It was a great project because the bride chose so many amazing details and the colors she chose were bright and cheery. The photos turned out so well that the book came together easily, and I think it really captured the essence of the wedding.


All pages are displayed as two-page spreads. Photos courtesy of Kracke Photography.

Janice’s Parent Album

It has become a very popular trend for couples to get albums designed for their parents. Some are just a smaller copy of their album, but some go ahead and get them their own versions. This album was designed especially for the bride’s mother, and it was great fun to gear this album towards her. It was very refreshing to try and focus the book on the mother of the bride’s perspective of the day, instead of the couple’s.


All of the pages are displayed as two-page spreads. Photos courtesy of Kracke Photography.

Kracke Photography Promotions

As a courtesy to venues and other vendors that they work with regularly, the photographers at Kracke Photography send out promotional postcards that feature weddings that the vendor worked. The vendors can then use these cards as examples of their work with prospective clients. It’s a really nice service that they do, not to mention they are super fun for me to make!


Photos courtesy of Kracke Photography.

Dreaming of Shetland Promotions

Through the process of promoting Dreaming of Shetland, we needed a couple of different promos, including a postcard for Explore 4 (TM), and fliers to hand around at several different events. These were really fun to create, and ram illustration was inspirational to me, and really drove these designs.

Ram illustration courtesy of Deborah Robson.

Yarn Tasting Book

This is a yarn tasting book that I designed for Donna Druchunas, who was looking for a way to rate and document different yarns. This book is meant to be a quick and easy way to reference the important details of specific yarns. I had a lot of fun with this project, especially when it came to designing the sample page. It was a nice break from the bigger projects that I have been working on recently, and was really refreshing to work on. I think Donna is planning on selling these soon, so check back for that information!


Copyright Donna Druchunas.

Dreaming of Shetland

Dreaming of Shetland  is an e-book of knitting patterns that is going to help fund Deborah Robson’s research of Shetland sheep. This is a project that I am especially excited about because it includes patterns by some of the biggest designers in knitting. I am so grateful to be able to help this very worthy cause. This is an e-book that is being released in portions, and not all of them are released yet! Check out this page for more information and to purchase the book.

Copyright Donna Druchunas and Anne Berk.